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ONEIDA COMMUNITY NEWHOUSE NO. 14 WOLF TRAP, forged wolf trap designed by Sewell Newhouse, and produced by Oneida, shows a patent date of Sept 1911. Oneida, NY. Circa 1911. 19" LOA.
Catalogue Note: The Oneida Community was a religious community in New York who, in 1849, partnered with Newhouse (a member of the community) to create these traps. Following is an excerpt from the Oneida Community Mansion House website: "Founded in 1848 by the itinerant preacher, John Humphrey Noyes, this religiously-based Perfectionist community challenged contemporary social views on property ownership, gender roles, child-rearing practices, monogamous marriage, and work. The Oneida Community's insistence on life-long learning and determination to make all work enjoyable as they built their utopia, fostered a work ethic and well of industriousness that sustained the group for over thirty years, making them one of the most successful and longest lasting communal experiments of the 19th century."


Very good condition with expected minor pitting and surface rust.

Collection of the late Al and Billy Steidel, Alexandria, VA.