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VINTAGE FLYING SAUCER / UFO PHOTOGRAPHS AND POST CARDS, LOT OF SIX, comprising two copies of photos taken by Madeleine C. Rodeffer of Silver Springs, Maryland in her front yard on February 26, 1965 having identifying stamps to backs, two copies of photos taken by famous ufologist George Adamski of Palomar, California taken through a telescope having identifying writing to backs, and two identical post cards featuring a photo of a flying saucer taken by Paull Villa in 1963 near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Third quarter 20th century.
Catalogue Note: Madeleine C. Rodeffer, a former U.S. Government employee, befriended the prominent ufologist, George Adamski (Polish-American, 1891-1965), in the last year of his life. On December 31, 1979, the Baltimore Sun reported a story titled, "Seeing is believing - or is it? True believers of UFOs silenced by ridicule", where the story of the UFO sighting at Rodeffer's residence is described on p. 12. It was reported that Adamski "maintained a telepathic communication with his extraterrestrial friends...and they had advised him that they might be making an appearance at the Rodeffer home." On February 26, 1965 around 3:30 pm, Adamski and Rodeffer were sitting in her house, and he saw something out the window. The article reads, "Mr. Adamski grabbed the movie camera and started filming, first through the window and then from the front porch. The craft, Mrs. Rodeffer said, 'flipped back and forth across the tops of the trees, came in closer and hovered 100 feet above the ground.'"


Fair to good overall condition; photographs with discoloration, stains, creases, and one or two tears; post cards with toning and a few creases, one having water stains.

Collection of the late Al and Billy Steidel, Alexandria, VA.