December 1, 2023: Premier Americana – Day One  by Jeffrey S. Evans & Assoc., Inc.

Auction Description

Friday, December 1, 2023 at 9:00 am ET

Featuring property from the Layton Collection, Paris, KY; a New York, NY private collection; the estate of David Lee Fannon, Amissville, VA; a Wisconsin collection; the estate of Charlie Casper, Pittsboro, NC; the collection of Ken Depew, Ft. Myer’s, FL items deaccessioned by the Wilton House Museum, Richmond, VA, to benefit collections care, preservations, and future acquisitions; plus others. The weekend’s offerings will include a good selection of free-blown glass wares, including rare trumpet vases; marbrie loop articles, including witch balls and flasks; utilitarian wares, such as milk pans and bowls; our usual fine selection of rare Shenandoah Valley stoneware and other American folk pottery; rare antiquarian books and other printed articles; 18th and 19th century silver, including Southern coin and English sterling; 18th and 19th century ceramics, including transfer-printed Staffordshire, English pearlware, and Chinese Export porcelain.


Public Previews

November 29, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and November 30 – December 1, 8:00 am until the end of each auction.

Buyer's Premium

Start Premium(%)
$0 23.00

Bid Increments

Start Increments ($)
$0 $10
$200 $25
$500 $50
$1,000 $100
$3,000 $250
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$30,000 $2,500
$50,000 $5,000
$100,000 $10,000

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When you are a successful bidder with us you may choose to utilize our in house pack and ship team, pick up your items yourself, or use a third party mover. Shipping within the USA is done through UPS unless otherwise requested and internationally through USPS. We ship to the address on your invoice. We are required by law to collect Virginia State Sales Tax and Nexus Tax where applicable. If you are exempt please read below. List of Third-Party Shippers VIEW LIST Sales Tax on Shipped Purchases Any item purchased by an off-site bidder (e.g. absentee bid, Internet bid, telephone bid,) that is shipped out of the state of VA is subject to sales tax of their state as determined by the Nexus Sales Tax Law. Any item purchased in person at our gallery and then shipped, either in-state or out-of-state, is subject to VA sales tax (because the item was purchased in the state of VA). EXCEPTION: Dealer purchase with all required tax exemption documentation on file. Additional Sales Tax Information may be found on the Virginia Department of Taxation website. Shipping/Packing The buyer is responsible for all associated shipping costs. Credit card on file required for all shipping. Credit card automatically charged once items are packed and ready to ship. Receipt sent to email on file. Standard shipping charges include our packing fee, any applicable materials fee and the cost of delivery with insurance based on the carriers’ current rates. Preferred carriers are UPS (United Parcel Service) within the USA and USPS (United States Postal Service) outside the USA. Our packing service is billed at a prorated fee of $18.00 per hour, with a $10.00 minimum. We use recycled materials whenever possible at no charge to the buyer. If we use purchased supplies such as boxes, etc., that cost is passed on to the buyer. Our UPS account provides for a daily pick up at our gallery, therefore, no handling fee applies to packages shipped via UPS. We offer a professional in-house packing and shipping service and regularly pack and ship glass, ceramics, and antiques and collectibles of all types; however, we do not crate or pack/ship large and/or heavy objects (e.g. furniture, statuary) or items that are unusually fragile (i.e. severely cracked vase). If you are unsure if we can ship a lot for you, please ask before you bid. It is our policy to double-box all glass, ceramics and fragile items with 2-3 inches of padding/cushioning between the inner and outer boxes. We ship for an average of 450 customers after each auction with great success (including international shipments) and we will not compromise on this packing method. You are welcome to make other shipping arrangements if desired. A list of alternate shippers can be provided upon request. We will combine multiple items/lots for shipping whenever possible. If you won by bidding with us directly and also through our online platforms, we can easily combine lots to save on shipping costs. We will gladly provide estimated shipping costs up to one hour prior to the start of the auction. Please call 540.434.3939, ext. 0 or email us with the lot number(s) in which you are interested as well as the delivery zip/postal code and country. It is our sincere intent to provide an accurate shipping estimate (within 20% of actual cost), but we are under no obligation to honor an estimated shipping cost. Post-auction requests for shipping estimates/quotes may delay the actual packing of your items by 1-2 business days. We pack/ship in order of request. We often receive 75-80 requests per day in the first few days following an auction and process approximately 60 shipments per week. Your patience is appreciated. Since items must be packed in order to determine shipping charges, you may elect to send payment by check and provide a credit card for the shipping charges. Shipping charges paid by credit card are not subject to an additional fee. If we have packed for shipping per your request, but the item is ultimately picked up at our gallery, the packing fee will still apply. The buyer is responsible for coordinating pick up or shipment of any merchandise that we do not ship. Such items must be paid in full before leaving our gallery. Buyers are not obligated to use our packing/shipping service and are welcome to make other arrangements. We recommend our local UPS Store, Plycon Transportation Group or you may wish to contact a shipper from this list or search the internet for other options. Merchandise that we do NOT ship must be picked up within two (2) weeks of the sale date unless other arrangements have been authorized by JSE&A. Items not picked up within this time are subject to the storage fees listed below. Any items with an outstanding shipping fee will be subject to the storage fees listed below. The grace period begins once the buyer is notified of shipping charges. Pick Up If picking up at our gallery (2177 Green Valley Lane, Mt. Crawford, VA 22841), please let us know in advance! Our standard hours are Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET. If you cannot pick up during the week, you may come during one of our Saturday auctions to pick up; however, we MUST know in advance if you plan to pick up during an auction. On auction days, we open at 8:00 am ET and are here until the end of the auction which varies depending on the number of lots ** Storage Fee Information Items won must be picked up within (2) weeks after the date of the auction. Any items not picked up within (2) weeks of the sale are subject to an additional storage fee. After 35 days, there will be a storage fee implemented, of $10 per day, per large item e.g. furniture, and $5 per day, per small item. Any items that have not been picked up within (90) days of the sale will be considered abandoned and will be resold. UPS & USPS A physical address is required for delivery by UPS. Our default shipping method within the USA is UPS Ground. An adult signature will be required for the delivery of any UPS package with a value of $1,000 or more and any packages that contain antique firearms. Our UPS account provides for a daily pick up at our facility (Monday through Friday only); therefore, with the exception of Canadian and International shipments, UPS is generally less expensive than USPS. No handling fee applies to packages shipped via UPS. If UPS determines that the deliver to address is invalid and subsequently makes a correction in order to deliver your package, an address correction fee may apply. (Currently $18.) (Corrections may include the addition of an apartment or suite number, correction to the street name, correction to zip code, etc.) Be sure to include any additional address information when registering. Shipment of won lots to an address different from that on file may require verification, which can cause up to a 30-day delay in shipping. If we are NOT shipping to the address on your invoice, we must have the alternate delivery address BEFORE packing is completed. If we must make corrections to the delivery address AFTER packing is completed, an additional service charge may apply. Insurance is mandatory unless the buyer provides a written waiver of insurance coverage. The waiver may be sent via email to us provided the email used is the one associated with the winning bidder account. If you have specific packing/shipping instructions (e.g. no insurance, do not double-box), your instructions must be submitted in written form and you accept full responsibility. (Email is acceptable provided that the email used is the one associated with the bidder account.) Unless the buyer has his or her own insurance, shipping without insurance coverage is not recommended and is at the buyer’s risk. Most international shipments are sent via USPS PMI (Priority Mail International); however, restrictions/limitations on allowed package size and insurance coverage vary from country to country. The USPS GXG (Global Express Guaranteed) shipping method may allow additional insurance coverage, but this shipping option is typically much more expensive. We will NOT alter our invoices or customs forms to reflect lesser item value. Invaluable and LiveAuctioneers Winners The address shown on your invoice is as entered in your Invaluable or LiveAuctioneers account. To update how your information displays on your invoice, log in to your Invaluable or LiveAuctioneers account, go to your Profile Page and then Edit Account. Please inform us if you make updates to your Invaluable or LiveAuctioneers account details before your transaction has been completed as it will affect the buyer details shown on your invoice.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions All potential bidders must establish an account with JSE&A. In order for us to set up your account, we will need a copy of your current driver’s license or similar document showing your full name and physical address. We will also need your telephone number and email address for contact purposes. Click here to send documentation. Your bid constitutes a legally binding contract. By bidding with Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates, Inc. (hereafter JSE&A) either directly or through another online auction provider (e.g, Invaluable, LiveAuctioneers), you are agreeing to abide by all associated auction terms. Bidder approval is at the sole discretion of JSE&A. 1. The auctioneer reserves the right to reopen bidding on a sold lot (under extreme circumstances only) and is the sole determinant concerning all bid disputes and the final authority in regard to all auction terms and conditions. 2. All auction lots sold are subject to the posted buyer’s premium. 3. All purchases are subject to current, applicable taxes. 4. SALES TAX EXEMPTIONS: All dealers must have a valid signed tax exemption certificate on file with us. Out of state dealers must provide a copy of their current exemption certificate. 5. TELEPHONE and ABSENTEE BIDDING directly with our auction house is offered as a courtesy. We are not responsible for errors or unexecuted absentee or telephone bids. 6. Due to the new Nexus sales tax law all sales need to be in compliance. We are requesting that our non-Virginia customers who have a Resale Tax Number provide that info to Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates with appropriate documentation, i.e., a current copy of your resale tax certificate for our files. Documentation should be emailed to or mailed to Jeffrey S. Evans PO Box 2638 Harrisonburg VA 22801 –We are in the process of monitoring the number of sales per state and once we meet the threshold of said state we will be collecting sales tax from buyers from said state unless we have an exempt form on file. Thank you for understanding this new Nexus sales tax law. 7. Non-Internet bids: If you do not have Internet access, you may fax, mail, or hand-deliver bids to us and we will enter the bids on your behalf. Non-Internet bids must include the auction date and a signed statement indicating that you accept all terms and conditions of the auction. 8. All absentee bids must be in written form. We will not accept verbal absentee bids. Submitted bids that are not commensurate with our standard bid increments will be rounded up to the correct bid increment. 9. We welcome international bidders; however, all communications must be in comprehensible English. 10. If you accidentally win a lot, you are still liable for payment as we are liable to the consignor. 11. Absentee bidders may be in competition with various LIVE bidders. LIVE bidders may include Floor (aka In-House or On-Site) bidders who are bidding in person at our gallery, Internet bidders who are bidding in real time via computer, or telephone bidders who are bidding in real time via telephone. (It is possible that a LIVE bidder could win a lot for the same bid amount you placed prior to the auction–it depends on where that bid increment falls during live bidding on the lot.) 12. Absentee bids placed in person at our gallery are accepted at any time prior to the sale of the item. The deadline for all other absentee bids (e.g. mailed/emailed bids, faxed bids, bids placed through online absentee) is two hours prior to the start of the auction. 13. All telephone bids are subject to a minimum opening bid per lot ($250.00 for calls within the USA; $500.00 for international calls). Telephone bids must be arranged by 3:00 pm ET, the day prior to the auction. We may reject requests submitted after our deadline. 14. We will notify all successful bidders by email or telephone within two business days of the end of the auction (e.g. by Tuesday following a Saturday sale). Most, if not all, invoices are sent via email on the first business day following an auction. Invoices will include additional instructions. If we do not have an email for the winning bidder, we will make contact by telephone. 15. Successful bidders are required to contact us to confirm receipt of invoice(s) and make arrangements for payment and shipping/pick up. Deadline for this contact is 5:00 pm ET on Friday following the auction (if sale was held on Saturday or Sunday) or 5:00 pm ET on the Monday following the auction (if sale was held on a weekday). 16. Payment for lot(s) won in person is due on the date of sale before item(s) are removed from our gallery. Payment for lot(s) won as an absentee, telephone, or online bidder is due within 5 days of the auction. Applicable shipping costs are paid separately after packing is completed. 17. Any special payment arrangements must be pre-approved by an authorized representative of JSE&A. Such arrangements must be requested in writing, and authorization must be obtained prior to bidding. 18. See all categories under our BUYING webpage for additional auction terms and other important information. 19. Once an item is sold to an in-house bidder, the buyer assumes full risk and responsibility for said item. 20. Each returned check is subject to a $50.00 service charge. 21. Accounts that are unpaid after 25 days of the sale date will be subject to a 5% monthly finance charge; administrative fees may also apply. 22. The buyer is liable for all fees/costs associated with the collection of balances due, including attorney’s fees. 23. Unless prior arrangements have been made with us, any merchandise not removed within two weeks of the sale date will be subject to a storage fee. Any merchandise not removed within 90 days of the sale date will be considered abandoned and becomes the property of JSE&A. 24. REFUNDS are given at the sole discretion of the auctioneer and are only considered on lots that have major damage or significant restorations/repairs that were not previously outlined in the condition report and on lots for which authenticity cannot be validated. Additional conditions of sale may apply, as noted on our website and/or as announced by the auctioneer prior to the auction. · Lots catalogued without circa dates are not guaranteed as to age. · All rugs are sold strictly “as is” with no guarantees as to age, origin or condition. Absolutely no refunds will be considered on rugs. · Refunds in regard to conditions for items purchased in person at the gallery must be requested before those items are removed from the gallery. · All refund requests, including substantiating documentation and/or photographs, must be received in our office within 25 days of the sale. · Refund requests in regard to authenticity must also include at least one supporting written and signed statement from an authority recognized by the auctioneer. · Note: Your timeliness and type of payment directly affect the time allowed for a refund transaction. (If payment is made with uncertified check, items may be held for up to 10 business days before we ship or release for pick up.) · Absolutely no refunds will be made after 25 days of the sale date. · Do not return any item until a refund authorization has been obtained from JSE&A. Once a refund is approved and the complete lot is returned to the satisfaction of the auctioneer, a full refund of the hammer price and buyer’s premium will be issued. We do not refund shipping cost and we do not offer partial refunds. 25. Additional conditions of sale may apply, as noted on our website and/or announced by the auctioneer prior to the auction. 26. These terms and conditions, as well as the respective rights and obligations hereunder, shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purchaser shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of the state courts of, and the federal courts sitting in, the Commonwealth of Virginia.